About The Michael Benny Foundation

Established in 2017, The Michael Benny Foundation undertakes, develops and supports major initiatives in the areas of advanced education, animal well-being and youth zoological educational programs throughout Canada. Michael Benny believes that philanthropy is a driving force behind positive change in people’s quality of life. For this reason, he formed The Michael Benny Foundation to build upon and support programs for those who are financially disadvantaged or just need support to advance the interests of education, animal well-being and for youth programs.

In the recent past, donations have been made to various charitable causes through The Michael Benny Foundation.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

An Awards program for Civil Engineering students at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and other educational institutes with emphasis towards individuals who are financially disadvantaged and would not otherwise be able to afford a program and those students meeting the convocation requirements and who have displayed exemplary leadership qualities.

A Legacy Fund at the Calgary Humane Society which provides ongoing support to the ongoing Humane Education programs, with emphasis towards individuals, schools or groups who would not be able to afford such programs.

A Legacy Fund at the Calgary Zoological Society in support of the Zoo Share program, the Empty Backpack program and other Humane Education programs with emphasis towards financially disadvantaged individuals, schools or groups unable to participate in such a program.

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The Michael Benny Foundation is committed to ensuring that 100% of external contributions and donations are contributed to the organizations supported by the Foundation. The Michael Benny Foundation does not direct any of its funds to administrative or other costs, but rather passes all funds directly to our charitable endeavours. Administrative costs are covered by funds contributed by Michael Benny directly, with a commitment to pass along 100% of your donations to organizations supported by the Foundation.

About The Michael Benny Foundation
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